Something New: Behind the Scenes

For close to two years you’ve seen sporadic monthly flash fiction in this space. And that doesn’t include years of flash fiction posted on previous incarnations of my website. I love writing flash fiction, and from time to time, there’s still more to come.

But I’m on to something new and it’s a topic, or rather ten to fifteen (maybe more) topics, I want to blog about. Stories I want to tell.

This space is now called Behind the Scenes because it will take you behind the scenes as I begin to write a series of historical novels. Still Psychological Suspense, of course. Still with crimes, of course. And still a taste of Psychological Horror, including ghosts, which is not a surprise.

It will start with a story, of course. A true story of how the idea for this series of novels began, then languished, grew, stagnated, and today, came to life in a way that makes me feel like this explosively excited little kid.Cathryn Grant Behind the Scenes

I’ll tell you that story over the next few days or so.

But here’s the beginning…

About ten years ago when I worked for a high tech company, we had an annual community service week. In 2008, my team went to the San Francisco Presidio to work on removing non-native plants from the area. The Park Service Ranger who provided guidance also told a few stories.

letterman hospitalHe talked about the old U.S. Army hospital at the Presidio established in 1898. He told us there were tunnels that ran from the hospital to the doctors’ homes in the Presidio. He suggested the tunnels were used for nefarious deeds. He told the story of a child’s tragic fall from the third floor of an elegant officer’s home. He talked about the effort to move Native American graves after the hospital was built right on top of them.


letterman hospital nurse

To my over-active writer’s imagination, his stories thrilled me with suggestions of crime and haunted hallways.

I so badly wanted to set a novel in this world, I dragged my husband to the Presidio a few weeks later. The name of the person we were given to contact for more details didn’t have any stories. Possibly, our Ranger was a good storyteller himself.

I filed it in my imagination where it settled in the back, mostly keeping itself out of sight.


presidio b&w

You’ll see as the story unfolds that there is a LOT of research to be done. I’m going to blog about my research because it will be a super-human effort to keep myself from diving into telling the story before all the groundwork has been laid.

Stay tuned, more stories coming.

Part 2. Part 3.


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