Behind the Scenes: Nervous

The trilogy I’m planning will be called A Haunted Life. For now, maybe forever.  The Historical-Psychological Suspense-Ghost Story-Presidio-Agnews-Cats Trilogy identifier is going to get cumbersome.

[Read about how the trilogy came to be, start here with Part 1.]

My mind is currently split in two.

I can’t wait to dig into researching and figuring out a timeline that will flow logically through all three settings. But, I’m nervous about a historical setting. The only other novels I’ve written with historical settings were set inside a 2-3 month timeframe. I only needed to verify historical details for that point in time.

To follow a woman through ten to twenty years of her life (still TBD), I’ll need to have a good sense not only of what the world was like during those years but how it was evolving, in ways large and small. Furniture, for example. Clothing. Relationships between women and men. Attitudes toward mental illness. Superstitious beliefs…furniture design timeline

At the same time, the story will be Psychological Suspense at its core — in the characters and the plot. It’s not a Historical Novel with all the weightiness those upper case letters suggest.

Overall, digging in will be a blast, but I’m nervous. Accuracy and authenticity and all those good things. And I don’t want to get lost in history and forget the story or weigh the characters down.

After the initial surge of enthusiasm over watching inspiration take shape during the course of ten years, I feel a little overwhelmed right now.

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