For Writers: Nagging Me

It plagues the editorial process for my novels, but it’s almost worse in non-fiction. It’s a refrain in my marriage and it probably pokes its head up in every relationship.

“You already said that.”

“I already told you this.”

And in writing a book, it flits across my mind at every turn.

“Did this character already think this?” 

“Did I already write that?”

Now, as I make my way down the home stretch of the final edit of Writing is Murder, the question rattles around in my mind. I’m not sure if I wrote something similar, or I’m remembering this from the previous edit, or I thought about writing it but never did, or the point is expanded here so it’s okay, or, or, or…

It’s making me insane. And I do not want to read the book again. I’m ready to be done. My editor assures me all the repetitive sections were already marked. 

Still, it nags at me, wiggles through my brain, interferes with my relationship with my book in these final days together. I suppose in any story, some things need to be repeated. And repetition pokes its head up in every relationship, as I already said. 

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