For Writers: In YOUR Opinion

Recently I finished binge-watching The Good Wife. The show is filled with self-righteous, quirky, and sometimes vengeful judges. One judge insists that each time an attorney makes a point, s/he must add, “In my opinion.

Throughout the show, this is exaggerated for humor. When an attorney makes the simplest statement — my client deserves a speedy trial, the defense hasn’t let me finish speaking — the judge interrupts to instruct them to end their comment with — in my opinion.

Opinions are everywhere. They make us unique and interesting. They’re maleable and set in concrete. They cause conflict and argument and sometimes swell to hatred, even violence. My husband is fond of saying that if you ask ten people a question about equestrian care, you’ll get eleven opinions in return.

The publishing world isn’t much different. There’s agreement in many areas, of course, but disagreement abounds. People disagree about good writing, bad writing, genre popularity, editorial input, reviews both professional and amateur, book prices, self-publishing versus traditional publishing, Amazon’s place in the bookstore universe, the role of agents, the role of ebooks…and on it goes.

In making the final edits for my book, telling the story of my writing journey, I’m realizing my opinion has not only changed over the years, I sometimes hold two opinions at the same time. It makes editing the book a challenge, it makes finalizing the draft a nerve-wracking experience.

I suppose one person with multiple opinions is how you get eleven opinions for ten horse owners.

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