She’s Listening
The twists and turns are better than any roller-coaster ride and just as addictive!

The Woman In the Photograph
I love these Alexandra Mallory stories … When I finish every book, I can’t wait for the next one!

The Woman In the Cellar
I’m absolutely addicted to the Alexandra Mallory series! Cathryn Grant writes like no other psychological suspense (my fav!) author I’ve ever read. And I read A LOT! Get crankin’, Cathryn. I’m missing Alex, already!

The Woman In the Dark
The stories of Alexandra Mallory are getting better and better.

The Woman In the Bedroom
♥ I wish these wonderful stories took longer to read! Finished inside 24hrs, then we have to wait months for more…

The Woman In the Bar
♥ This is an amazing continuation of the life of Alexandra. She is a deep crevasse of psychological intrigue! I have so enjoyed getting to delve into her psyche.

The Woman In the Window
♥ Alexandra Mallory is a wonderful character. What is unique about her is that for the most part, she is totally antisocial and self-obsessed. This type of protagonist is rarely seen in most thrillers involving women. I would definitely recommend this series and author!
♥ I fell in love with this character in the first book. She is a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to go after it. She’s not a cartoon-y femme fatale…

The Woman In the Painting
These books are mesmerizing. The character of Alexandra is enticing and I eagerly look forward to each new novel. Her brand of vigilantism is intriguing; much like the show Dexter but focused on misogynistic men and weak women who support their stance. This particular novel — the third in the series, introduced a new, unforeseen facet of one of the main characters that was not anticipated as well as a new character that could definitely add another intriguing dimension to future novels. I can’t wait for the next release!

The Woman In the Water
I enjoyed every sentence of this novel, despite the main character’s total lack of empathy. Indeed, she was captivating because she is so different from the people I know. Or is she? Grant weaves a taut narrative that keeps you guessing – sometimes I was right, sometimes I wasn’t.
♥ I love, love, love the strong central female character and how she grows beyond the poison of her childhood. I don’t even “like” the character’s personality but I sure love her strength and independence. Please write more like this!

The Woman In the Mirror
♥ Spellbinding. Really kept me reading…can’t wait to read the next one!
 This is a must read!!!!
It’s refreshing to see stories that feature women as more than some one-note sacrificial lamb.
♥ This crazy, mysterious story has kidnapped me. The characters are like out of a Hitchcock noir.
 A fabulous, and very dark exploration of the twisted and neurotic minds of the residents of a cliff top bungalow as they plot and scheme against and amongst each other creating such a tangled web that it can only end one way — or can it? This book will have you gripped as it reveals more and more layers to the characters through tantalising snippets of their lives before the bungalow. I was truly not expecting the story to unfold as it did, totally changing my opinion of said characters. A fascinating read.
 Very cleverly written with brilliant characters. I loved the ending too. Highly recommended.
♥  Couldn’ t put it down – a great summer read!
 … kept me on the edge of my seat. The plot twists and turns, and you don’t really get it (who did it) until the end. Grant is one of my favorite authors. Her story lines are developed and her characters seem so real they could jump out of the book. Highly recommend this read to those who like dark mysteries and a bit of evil.
  Bizarre and twisted.

  I am absolutely hooked by Grant’s writing, and this book is a great introduction for anyone who has not read her before. We all know these people, which is the hook, but their foibles drive them over the edge. It’s as addicting as listening to your best friend tell you about the facts behind the murder/suicide of the couple next door.

Buried by Debt
 One expects mysteries to follow formulas that we have learned from reading mysteries over the years. This one is different. 
 The outcome is avoidable and also inevitable although, being a noir, there’s no predicting those last scenes.
 Well, this one caught me by surprise! Pleasantly, I should add. The beginning ambles along satisfyingly enough and then… pow!

The Demise of the Soccer Moms
 A perfect version of an adult mean girls club.
 I was swept along, unable to stop reading.

An Affair With God
 Featuring men and women who are as complex as they are familiar … the nuanced and believable story paints its picture in striking colors. –Kirkus Reviews

Madison Keith Ghost Stories
 Mysterious, suspenseful, light and hard to put down.
 Drawn to the main character immediately, taken in by her stream-of-consciousness narration. I want to know what happens next!
 Enjoyed the way Cathryn Grant writes … very witty … will read the rest of the series.